From your mind through our hands...

ULTRALIGHTS can modify our designs and fabricate them in a wide variety of styles and finishes to give your project that special detail to set it apart from the ordinary.  

Our Design Team has built a reputation for unique, high quality pieces, ranging from corridor sconces and vanity lights to ballroom chandeliers. Our modification clientele ranges from project to project—restaurants, hospitals, office building, retail centers, major hotels and resort chains. We can provide designs with aesthetic and performance characteristics that are tailored to the most demanding applications.  

Of course, modified product orders require a minimum quantity to allow us to provide these modified products at cost effective levels. For wall sconces, the minimum modification run is 20 pieces. For pendants, the minimum is 6 pieces. Below these quantities, it is possible to produce a standard design with minor adjustments, so if you need to discuss the possibilities and practicalities of a modified project, please call us at 520-623-9829. We'll be happy to discuss your ideas and desires!