Who We Are

ULTRALIGHTS—We are an American lighting design and fabrication company. We handcraft each fixture to order allowing our customer to modify and customize our stock products to fit their own eye for design...just say please! We are a team of idea formers and problem solvers.

Our philosophy has never flickered: we create unique, high quality designs, using the most advanced lamping technologies to stand the test of time.

ULTRALIGHTS is the evolution of an American handcraft.

ULTRALIGHTS is committed to researching and implementing green technologies in our products and our manufacturing process.

What ULTRALIGHTS does to reduce, reuse, and recycle:

  • Energy efficient LED technology research and implementation
  • Environmentally friendly cutting process
  • Biodegradable and recyclable packaging material
  • Metal scrap recycling
  • Powder coating process: Our powders contain no solvents or VOCs and no toxic compounds or dangerous substances (e.g. lead). Our powder coatings can achieve superior chemical, mechanical and weathering performance with a single coat, meaning less product used and less energy. Our coating over spray can be reclaimed, and reused or recycled, giving up to a 97% utilization rate. What’s more, there is no toxic sludge, and therefore toxic landfill, created during the application process. Our powders can be applied over a chrome or non-chrome pre-treatment and do not require a chrome based primer. Powder coatings are recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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