Our Work

ULTRALIGHTS is a significant resource for designers and architects working on hospitality, commercial, medical, high-end residential, and ecclesiastical projects.  

From our standard products to modified to complete custom designs, ULTRALIGHTS has the experience and expertise to handle all of your decorative contract lighting needs.  

ULTRALIGHTS is a true American lighting manufacturer. We design and handcraft each fixture at our factory—located in the heart of Tucson, Arizona. This allows us the flexibility to modify our products to meet your project specifications. 


Commercial Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting sets the tone and style of a room. Whether you are looking for pendant light fixtures or a set of decorative wall sconces, Ultralights Lighting provides high quality commercial decorative lighting to fit every individual space. We offer a variety of traditional and contemporary models that can be made to your specifications from our many finish and diffuser choices to meet your project needs.

Our lighting models have many different styles to choose from based on the design of your business or office space. We offer both traditional and modern pendant lighting. Commercial pendant lighting gives large spaces an open feel and act as a simple yet elegant accent piece. They can be used as a color feature within neutral-toned rooms, or as illumination of exquisite interior design. We carry a variety of commercial pendant lighting fixtures available for delivery, and to your specifications.

For a subtle decorative feature, our indoor and outdoor wall sconces can give smaller rooms both muted lighting and a quiet accent feature. Our modern, decorative wall sconces are often accents throughout longer spaces, such as hallways and corridors. Outdoor commercial decorative lighting pieces such as sconces act as a noticeable feature for arriving guests, and a guide to the main entryway.

At Ultralights Lighting, we offer a wide range of commercial pendant lighting and decorative wall sconces. We invite you to browse through our current selection. You can save models for now or later in our Portfolio feature. If you have any questions about modification and design options, call us today at 520-623-9829 or email us: [email protected].