Ultralights offers 3 mounting options for the majority of our pendants:



Pendant Light Fixtures

Attractive lighting feature makes a room feel more open and serves as an interesting focal point. Pendant light fixtures are popular alternative to larger chandeliers. Ultralight's contemporary pendant lights offer a unique focal point for a room, serving as a contrast or accent to monotone rooms.

At Ultralights Lighting, our commercial decorative lighting fixtures are made by our trained craftsmen from the highest quality materials. We fabricate our pendant light fixtures from USA sourced metal and acrylic. Our modern pendant lighting use VOC free powdercoat finishes to ensure a corrosion free, beautiful finish that stands the test of time. We also use high quality drivers and arrays for our LED lighting, ensuring functional and beautiful illumination. Our large pendant lighting can be built to your specifications to fit the design of any room or space.

Contemporary pendant lights add a bright accent to a room, providing an interesting focal point to match or contrast its design. A simple, large pendant lighting fixture makes a bold statement and attracts attention to the rest of a room. Our pendant light fixtures use modern designs and colors to create our unique variety of high quality products. The LED lighting included in our fixtures also run longer on less energy, providing an extensive period of use before replacement and saving you money.

Commercial decorative lighting fixtures, whether contemporary, modern, or transitional, will give your space a unique accent piece specific to your personal taste. Ultralights Lighting will work with you to create a personalized piece designed to last for years to come. For more information on modifications, shipping, and our current line of products, browse our catalogue contact us at 520-623-9829 or email: [email protected].