Wall Lights

Using Modern Wall Sconces in Your Space

Not all spaces require a dramatic, eye-catching light feature. Larger chandeliers and drop pendant features sometimes do not suit smaller spaces. To give these areas the lighting they need with a subtle, attractive accent, consider installing an LED wall sconce.

It is easy to incorporate our decorative wall sconces into your space and design plan. Using two sconces at opposite ends of a small space lights up the space, giving the room design continuity. By choosing from our different finishes and diffusers, you can accentuate contemporary or transitional designs. We offer a variety of modern wall sconces that can be integrated into your existing or future design.

An LED wall sconce requires less energy to produce light, meaning you can use them for longer periods of time while reducing the total amount of energy consumed. LEDs also throw stronger light and last longer than traditional filament bulbs. The finishes and diffusers used can accent the LED lights to create a wonderful ambiance. This feature makes contemporary wall sconces suitable for general lighting applications, hallways, corridors, and bathrooms, providing cost effective, beautiful illumination.

Our decorative wall sconces are a subtle, yet elegant alternative to larger light features in smaller spaces. They provide a unique, attractive accent to hallways and smaller sitting rooms, creating a relaxing atmosphere. At Ultralights Lighting, we provide a wide range of contemporary wall sconces for both indoor and outdoor use. Browse our current selections to find your ideal decorative wall sconces. For more information about design advising and decorative lighting, call us today at 520-623-9829 or email us at [email protected].