Decorative ADA Wall Sconces

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) limits wall-mounted luminaires to four inches in depth when located between 27 inches and 84 inches from the finished floor level of walks, halls, corridors, passageways, or aisles. Ultralights ADA wall sconces meet this requirement at any mounting height. Ultralights wall sconces that are greater than four inches in depth can be used, but they must be mounted higher than 84 inches from the finished floor.

It is easy to incorporate our decorative wall sconces into your space and design plan. By choosing from our different finishes and diffusers, you can accentuate contemporary or transitional designs. We offer a variety of modern wall sconces that can be integrated into your existing or future design. Ultralights decorative ADA wall sconces are suitable for general lighting applications, hallways, corridors, and bathrooms, providing high performance, beautiful LED illumination.

Our decorative wall sconces are a subtle, yet elegant alternative to larger light features in smaller spaces. They provide a unique, attractive accent to hallways, lobbys, and corridors. At Ultralights Lighting, we provide a wide range of contemporary wall sconces for both indoor and outdoor use. Browse our current selections to find your ideal decorative ADA wall sconces. For more information about design advising and decorative lighting, call us today at 520-623-9829 or email us at [email protected].