Dark Sky

Decorative Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Sconces

Ultralights Dark Sky lighting fixtures create a welcoming, safe environment in outdoor locations, while protecting the natural environment around us, as well as our night skies. 

Dark Sky outdoor lighting was designed to minimize glare and diminish light trespass and skyglow (light pollution). This prevents our decorative outdoor lighting from interfering with the natural patterns of animals and plants, which is especially important if you live in a rural or coastal environment. With Ultralights curated selection of Dark Sky compliant wall sconces, you can ensure that you can maintain stylish and functional lighting outside your home, your restaurant, or your business that does not interfere with the natural environment.

Our decorative dark sky outdoor wall sconces are an elegant way of protecting our natural environment and night skies. They provide a unique, attractive accent to entryways and building facades. At Ultralights Lighting, we provide a wide range of contemporary wall sconces for both indoor and outdoor use. Browse our current selections to find your ideal decorative Dark Sky outdoor wall sconces. For more information about design advising and decorative lighting, call us today at 520-623-9829 or email us at [email protected].