Outdoor Lighting

Decorative Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

At Ultralights Lighting, we provide a comprehensive range of decorative outdoor lighting featuring traditional and contemporary wall sconces to make your outdoor setting beautiful, without sacrificing performance.

When selecting LED outdoor lighting for your outdoor space, modern wall sconces can provide an elegant touch to your existing design. The LED lights used in all of our decorative wall sconces use less electricity than regular filament bulbs, lowering your energy consumption and saving you money. This feature allows you to use LED outdoor wall lights for longer periods of time without wasting large amounts of electricity and minimizes maintenance costs. All of our models are made from high quality materials and are coated with corrosion resistant finishes to make them durable and long-lasting.

In addition to our current selection of LED outdoor wall lights, Ultralights lighting design specialists can create modified decorative wall sconces and modern light fixtures for many applications. By altering our stock models to fit your design specifications, you can have custom lighting designed and delivered directly to your project. We currently offer a variety of contemporary wall sconces, LED pendant light fixtures, and decorative outdoor lighting options in our catalog.

At Ultralights Lighting, we are dedicated to working with you to create unique, contemporary, and efficient outdoor lighting to match and enhance your space. With a variety of modern light fixtures to choose from, we can ensure that you will find the right lighting for your commercial or residential project. For more information about our lighting designs, modification, fabrication, and shipping, call us today at 520-623-9829 or email us at [email protected].