Recycling the Unrecyclable _ UltraLights sustainability efforts

Recycling the Unrecyclable _ UltraLights sustainability efforts

At UltraLights, we try to reduce waste and be sustainable in any way we can. We’ve always been dedicated to recycling, but the traditional recycling methods have their limits. That’s why we were so excited to learn of a new recycling method here in Tucson, Arizona, that gives us the opportunity to recycle all the plastic that can’t be processed with traditional methods. UltraLights is proud to participate in this plastic waste diversion program. 

ByBlock: Plastic Waste Diversion Pilot Program

ByBlock, produced by ByFusion, uses plastic waste that would otherwise be sent to the landfill to create construction-grade building materials.  Using only steam and compression and zero waste, Byfusions process repurposes unsorted commingled plastic waste into ByBlocks.

ByBlocks resemble colorful cinder blocks that are used to build walls, sheds, fencing, terracing, and outdoor furniture. With this program, they are able to recycle plastic bags, wrappers, utensils, bubble wrap, shipping air pouches, and other plastic shipping materials, diverting truckloads of waste from the landfill.



About ByFusion 
ByFusion® is an innovative manufacturing company committed to protecting the environment and giving a second life to plastic waste by reshaping its future. A certified B Corporation and an essential cog in the wheel of a circular economy, ByFusion has a patented process that converts all types of plastic waste, including marine debris, into a building material called ByBlock®—the first-ever construction-grade block made from unrecyclable plastic. ByFusion’s solution enables communities, corporations and governments to realize a cleaner world while creating jobs, improving infrastructure and revitalizing neighborhoods everywhere. For more information, please visit follow @ByFusion on Instagram and Twitter.  

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