The Benefits of Powdercoating

The Benefits of Powdercoating


With the exception of our Raw Copper and Corten Steel, UltraLights finishes each fixture with a powdercoat application to protect and seal the surface, as well as to provide stunning color and texture. This provides protection from wear and rust resistance. Not only does powdercoating provide a beautiful finish, it is more eco-friendly than painting with no VOCs and minimal waste. Read more about the benefits of powder-coating:



Powdercoating creates a super-tough surface, bonded by electrostatic charge to the substrate. This creates a beautiful surface that lasts. UltraLights can also offer an optional zinc based underlayment powdercoat for high humidity or coastal environments. View UltraLights outdoor lighting here. 



Powdercoated finishes are a breeze to care for, due in part to their durability. This helps make our expertly built UltraLights fixtures easy to maintain for years.


Extraordinary Quality Control

UltraLights professional technicians apply powdercoat to our fixtures manually, ensuring even coating and thickness. The fixture is then examined for possible flaws and corrected if needed. There is a high degree of quality control in the powdercoating process.


Environmentally Sustainable

Unlike painting, the powdercoating process does not produce volatile organic compounds. Also, overspray waste is minimal and non-toxic. Along with the durability and longevity of UltraLights fixtures, this helps us to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.



Powdercoated finishes are available in myriad textures and colors - finishes can be smooth or sandy; glossy or matte; metallic or non; pitted, dimpled, or flat. Each offers long-lasting protection and brilliance. Build your design at UltraLights.



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