Lighting the Way; Meet the Dynamic Duo Steering UltraLights Lighting's Success

Lighting the Way; Meet the Dynamic Duo Steering UltraLights Lighting's Success


We have some exciting news to share here at UltraLights Lighting! After 36 years building UltraLights Lighting into the strong company that it is today, Jim and Barbara Restin are happy to celebrate their retirement and enjoy well deserved travel and time with their family. We wish them the absolute best. We are also very proud to announce that two of our long time employees have purchased the company and are now co-owners of UltraLights Lighting.

Kerbie Henry and Ryan Snow have been engineers at UltraLights Lighting for a combined fourteen years, and they are excited to bring UltraLights into the new year and beyond as a Native-American owned, Veteran owned, American-made company. We could not be more happy to introduce you to Kerbie and Ryan.


 Kerbie Henry

Kerbie, a proud member of the Navajo tribe, grew up in Northern Arizona. With a background as a United States Marine Corps Veteran stationed in Okinawa, Japan, his experiences have shaped his character and work ethic. Kerbie graduated from the University of Arizona, earning a degree in Industrial Engineering. After graduating, he immersed himself in the architectural build space, where he honed his skills in designing and overseeing the production of custom windows and doors. In 2014, Kerbie joined the UltraLights team, where his exceptional talent and dedication propelled him to his current position as the Lead Design Engineer. Kerbie's unwavering commitment to excellence has propelled UltraLights' design and production capabilities to new heights throughout the years. His passion for his work is evident in his unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results. Kerbie envisions many more years of collaboration, breakthroughs, and achievements as he continues to make a lasting impact in the industry.



 Ryan Snow

Ryan, a native of Arizona, is a true lover of the outdoors and design. When he's not working, he’s exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Arizona while hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and camping. Ryan's passion for design led him to pursue a degree in Industrial Design from Arizona State University. Led by his interest in product development, art, and graphic design, he found his calling as a design engineer at UltraLights in 2018. Since then, Ryan has been fully immersed in creating beautiful and functional luminaires, and he hasn’t looked back. UltraLights has become the perfect platform for him to express his creativity. Ryan is dedicated to upholding the UltraLights legacy while continuously expanding its capabilities. He eagerly anticipates the next 36 years of success.

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