I AM YOU 360 Small Home Experience

I AM YOU 360 Small Home Experience


UltraLights supports a local non profit which provides access to personal development, hygiene, life skills, and homes to those coming out of the foster care system.  I AM YOU 360 was the brainchild of Desiree Cook, who saw a community need to help and support young people as they begin their independence with no obvious means of support.  It all began with providing hygiene products to young women when they had none.  The first step in presenting oneself with pride and confidence as they began their journey into the world.  I AM YOU 360 has grown into so much more.


I AM YOU 360 Small Home Experience:


I AM YOU 360 is dedicated to improving outcomes for aged-out foster care or those experiencing homelessness (age 18-22) by providing safe, permanent housing with direct and long term impact.  And, by sewing our most underserved youth population back into the fabric of our community.  They have developed a green, energy efficient 10-Tiny home model, the first of it's kind in Tucson.  UltraLights jumped on board and provided exterior lighting for the tiny homes and continues to provide additional lighting as the neighborhood is developed.



The tiny home model will include water harvesting, a community garden, trees, a flower garden, and a community barbeque area.  Each home will be 450 square feet, with one bedroom, living room, kitchen, and patio.


Residents will pay $1.00 a square foot.  Half of their rent is saved in an escrow account and given to them at the end of our 2-3 year program to be able to purchase their first home, ending homelessness, breaking generational cycles, and creating generational change.  This provides direct and long term impact.  UltraLights is very proud to be just a small part of this amazing effort.



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